Dessa's Story

I recently want on a wonderful vacation with my mom to Mexico for Christmas, the trip was wonderful. While I was there I met a very sweet and caring man whom I dated for the short time I was there. We ended up having unprotected sex, as stupid as it was, but I never thought it would end in pregnancy. But it did.

When i got back from the trip and still had not gotten my period I started to stress..... so after work and being a week late for my period I went to the grocery store prayed not to run into anyone I knew and bought the test. As soon as I got home I took the test and knew the answer before I even I looked at the screen I was pregnant.

I didn't know who to call, I text messaged my best friend and told him to come over when he got off work but he was out late so I broke down and called my sister sobbing. I knew she was the only person I could talk to in my family and I needed to talk to someone so badly. She was super supportive and listened to me cry for a good 45 minutes.

I was so surprised by my emotions as I have always been strongly pro-choice and my mom has had two abortions so it has never been hush-hush at all for me to talk about. I have always fully supported girls that make the choice to abort and often think that if done early in the pregnancy its the right choice. But now that its me it feels so different.

I called planned parenthood this morning to schedule my consultation. It sounds like its all going to go smoothly... my only thing right now is finding the money but planned parenthood said they would help me find options. its on tuesday and I'm eager for it to come as I just want this over. I can't stop crying and just wish someone was here to be with me, to hug me and tell me it's going to be ok. I never thought this could feel this lonely but now I realize how much strength it takes to go through this.

Thank you all for sharing, your stories have helped me so much and I feel better about my choice. I am young, 19 and have so much ahead of me and I can't wait to be a mother.. but I want to do it when I can really focus on the child and raise them in a loving safe home.

I feel so thankful for the choice and I pray to god that (President) Bush won't take this choice away from women. It's so important to be able to choose if we want to have children or not and I hope that choice will be forever ours.

14 Jan 2005


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"When I walked into the clinic and saw so many people there, I was surprised. I thought I was the only one. And I felt better in a way."

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