Denise's Story

I've read these stories, and although I am moved, I cannot say that I am as tormented by my decision as most of these women. I am 22, and am already the mother of two beautiful children: one 2-yr-old boy and a 9 month old girl. I have been with my children's father for 3 years, and although we just broke up, he is still very supportive of both me and the kids.

I made a careless, selfish mistake and cheated on my now ex-boyfriend with a very young boy that I worked with. His girlfriend found out, and although she doesn't know that I'm pregnant, the whole thing has affected his relationship and now they are no longer together. Despite his age (18), he is being very supportive as well. My ex-boyfriend thinks that the baby is his, and since I'm not keeping it, it's just as well that he believes that.

I have absolutely no attachment whatsoever to the pregnancy; I'm just very anxious to have it over with. I have elected to have the minimal amount of anesthesia---I feel that I should suffer somehow because I have no feelings of remorse. Having another baby would ravage more lives than it would benefit, and I'm not going to follow one selfish act with another. Some may think I'm selfish for not keeping it, but it's all in the perspective.

Perhaps I will feel different once I've experienced it, as I have never had an abortion. I miscarried twins when I was 18, but I'm feeling none of the great loss that I felt then. I guess the mind truly can master your emotions. My story doesn't sound like any of the stories here, but it is real just the same, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

November 2000

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