Della's Story

My name is Della. I have never been in such a situation before and since I am 25 years old. I am kind of upset with myself because I should know better. It is not that I do not want kids, it is the fact my fiancée and I are not married yet, and we wanted to wait for another few years because then we would be more settled and ready to have kids.

I never thought I could get pregnant. The doctor says I have polycystic ovaries. I have no menstrual cycle. I was pretty sure the second week of July, 1998 that something different was going on inside my body. I was hurting. Not bad pain just uncomfortable feelings. Except when my muscles contract in my stomach or lower abdomen it really hurts.

I am worried because I am not sure if this is supposed to happen. I am working, but I have no insurance yet. I am not due to be hired full-time for another few weeks. I am scared because I know I cannot keep this baby. We do not have the means to give the baby a good home or the ability to take care of it with everything it would deserve. I do not want to put it up for adoption because I myself was adopted and I would not put anyone through that. I know also if I gave birth to the baby I would have to keep it and I cannot do that.

I took three different pregnancy tests and they all came out positive.

My fiancée is really caring and supportive about this. He and I have decided that an abortion is the best thing to do. We now know I can get pregnant and will take better precautions in the future. I found your web site and really thought this is place that can understand and will help me. They won't put me down or try and talk me into keeping the baby.

The one problem is money. How in the world can I afford to pay hundreds of dollars? I have other bills and we are just planning on moving in August. Can anyone help me with that? The longer I wait, the more difficult this will be for me.

Please, if there is anyone out there I really need some information ASAP! I want a family, but I want to start it at the right time so there will be no regrets.

July 1998

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