Dana's Story

It was on the eve of November 7th 2000, when I got that awful news, that my husband had a Hodgkin's lymphoma. I really don't recall being shocked and sad as much as I remember telling my self to be strong, and so I was in front of him and in front of every one! I was amazed at my self especially that we were five months Newlyweds!

He then underwent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy sessions, and responded in a tremendous way to therapy. A year after that I got pregnant, it was a shock, because we were told that he may never be able to reproduce again, but the miracle happened. Of course, I hurried to the clinic and got my self and the baby examined, but the doctor told me that all was fine. Still, I was horrified that my baby might come with a certain disability, so I went to the Cancer Therapy doctor and told him my story; he recommended that I get an abortion, and wait for at least two years before I think about getting pregnant. I was sad, but did what I had to do, and registered at a local clinic for my abortion in May 21st 2002. A day after my abortion, I cried the whole night, felt terrible at what happened, though it was right, and now I'm still be waiting for the time I'll be pregnant again..

January 2003

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"Depression is oppression driven inward. We have to put it back out in the world where it belongs, and transform it through art and collective action."
- Rebecca Rice