Daia's Story*

I have just had my fourth abortion. I was pregnant by my "best friend" with this one. I already have two children and am already struggling with bills and supporting us on basically nothing.

I am separated from their father- he doesn't pay any child support because he's a # @ ! # . During this last abortion, my "best friend" wouldn't go with me because he was embarrassed- he thought people would stare at him and think bad thoughts of him. He promised to always be there for me and my two kids. Where is he right now?? I do not know- work or out with another woman. He has not called me since I told him that I would have the abortion (which was yesterday). Some "best friend"- he did not even call to see if I made it out OK- if I need anything- or if I needed to talk. He's waiting for me to call him- I don't think so!!!

If there is anyone out there that is thinking that abortion is there only choice, you are more than likely right. I have felt from the beginning of this pregnancy that it was my only choice. I knew then and I know now that it was the right choice, the only choice. I am glad I made this choice to abort. I could not bring another life into my situation, it's hard raising two kids on my own. But thank God, my family and friends help me so much. How could I bring another child into a world filled with war and drugs, crime, murder. I pray for my children everyday that their future is not filled with worries of war and hate.

I'll be getting my tubes tied soon- as soon as the doctor has his first opening at the hospital. I won't go through this abortion stuff again. My abortions were stress free (I knew it was my only choice), I knew I was making the right choice, I did not experience many side effects, hardly any bleeding, no infections. But who wants to keep going through this over and over again.

I guess I am very fertile, because every time I've become pregnant and had an abortion, there was definite birth control involved- and one month later I was pregnant. I tried to be safe and I ended up pregnant over and over, so now my only choice is to get my tubes tied. For me, that little "inner voice" helps to guide me- so many times that little voice has been right and I am so glad I followed it with every single one of these abortions.

I am glad that I have my two children and am very proud that I am raising them on my own, because I get the credit for raising two beautiful people who someday might just change the world, they have taught me so much in there short lives. I hope that my story helps someone come to the right decision for themselves. Don't let anyone- not even your best friend- talk you into anything that you feel is not in your best interest.

God Bless

12 March 2003

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