Coryne's Story

I was the good-girl.
The into sports-girl,
The daddy's little-girl
The college-girl who
would one day be a cop
The mommy's best friend, hell everyone's best friend
the last to have sex, kiss and do anything in our group of friends,
great grades, a good head on my shoulder,
socially smart. i preached to everyone "condoms!"

It happened to me though. 19 and pregnant.
Who in the world would have ever thought
His religion forbid it. We had talked
about this happening, and he
firmly believed in a females right to
do whatever she wants with her body,
yet he did not believe in my own.
He begged me one night not to kill his baby,
but I did it anyhow.

I do not regret what happened or think about it either,
I think of myself as just another teen statistic that a few select know about.
The friends and family that know, do not bring it up ever,
This decision to have an abortion made me
who I am today... strong, single, and someone who realized
It can happen to anyone.... even you.

May 2001

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"For as long as women have been getting pregnant, they've been trying not to. Throughout history and in almost every culture, we have used abortion to control the circumstances under which we give birth." -k. kaufmann