Clare's Story

Dear Mackenzie,

I was 20 when I discovered you existed inside of me. It broke my heart when I knew it was not the right time to bring you out into this world.

I was getting ready to go to school in another state. I knew if I brought you into this world, I would not be able to provide the best life I would want you to have. I did not want you to suffer because of my mistake in bringing you into this world... I wanted you to go to heaven where God can take care of you.

You were supposed to come into this world on July 9, 2000 but you went to heaven on November 13, 1999. A day I will never forget for as long as you live. I named you Mackenzie, (because it was unisex, I didn't know if you were a girl or a boy) you were 3 weeks old when you came out of me and went to heaven. I know I did the right thing because you are safe in God's hands.

You are alive in my heart, I love you.

Jan 2000

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"Women are the gatekeepers of life. We have not just the right, but the responsibility, to decide whether and when to bring new life into the world through our bodies."