Christine's Story

My name is Christine and I am 21 and soon gonna be a single mom .... the reason why I am writing my story is because I have seen how hard it is and was to make my decision...

No I didn't go along with the abortion ... I made it to the clinic ... sat down ... filled out all my paper work ... and then began to cry ... I want to tell my story because I want to let every women know that they are the one who needs to make the choice and not to let no one make up your mind for you...

The reason why I say that is because when I found out I was expecting a baby I was in shock, actually laughed and thought "no way, that can't happen to me" being 21 not married, living with my parents, I didn't believe the test was right. Then I sat down and reality set in.

Now to tell my parents ... my parents were shocked I was pregnant by a 37 year old man.. who already has kids ... my parents were in such shock they told me if I kept the baby I had to move out ... because my dad is getting ready to retire in a year and my mom works too ... and who is gonna take care of this kid why I work ... I cried because I don't believe in abortions for myself ... for other people if that is what they want I don't judge, but for me I just don't believe in it ...

Then I told the father of the baby ... also like my parents and myself he was shocked ... and also told me he didn't want this baby that he already pays child support and he isn't ready for another baby ... I told him how I felt ... he didn't seem to care ... after talking to him I went home and cried and told my dad I didn't want a abortion ... he told me he don't believe in abortions either but this time he was gonna change his mind cause he couldn't see me with a kid being single and also the money part ... or him and my mom raising it.

So after hearing what everyone else had to say about my baby that was inside me, I agreed to go have the abortion done ...  I made the appt. sat and cried again, again and again ... I felt I was all out of tears ... I was the only one who wanted this baby ... so like I said I went to the clinic sat down and the man I am pregnant by didn't even sit next to me or hold my hand not even a word came out of his mouth, my mom stood outside crying as I was crying too ... the lady called my name I went in, filled out all my paper work ... then I stopped and thought I dot want this, the only reason I am doing this is because everyone else wants me to, so I got up handed the paper work to the lady and told her I was leaving I wasn't going through with the abortion, and as I was doing that my mom was coming in the back to get me cause she called my dad and my dad was trying to call the clinic to tell me not to do it and to come home ... that we would work something out ... but this baby was to be born ... I was so relieved that they had changed their mind ... because I wanted this baby more then anything ...

It was something out of a movie, it was to weird I was praying to god every day since I had found out I was pregnant to give me a sign and show me the right direction to go ... and that was my sign my parents them changing their minds ... I knew though when I went in the clinic that I wasn't gonna go through with it ... but I guess I was scared to go face my so called boyfriend and tell my mom and dad I wasn't doing it ... then I realized that I was the one that needed to make that decision and do it for me and not for anyone else ... because I was the one who would live with it for the rest of my life ...

Now, both of my parents are excited just like me ... but I cant say the same for my boyfriend ... he is mad and we have been fighting ... he did call the other day to find out when my doctor appt was ... he dot say much to me but I just hope he will come along and if he doesn't well I guess I just deal with it day by day just like I am doing now ...

So my whole point of this story is to tell every women to make sure they are having these abortions for the right reasons ... Because I know that I wasn't doing mine for the right reasons I was doing it for everyone else but ME and everyone needs to remember you are #1 and you come first so you do what you want to do ... because you will be the mom and have the most responsibilities on you ... and it is your body ... everyone had different reasons for the abortions they have and that is fine but just make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and make sure you are doing it for YOU!!!!

God Bless all of you.... and take care... expecting mom from Michigan....=)

Christine, July 1998


Hi my name is Christine...

I wrote my story back in July of 98 about my decision of having an abortion,  I wanted to say I am so happy with the decision I have made and now I have a healthy baby girl... I guess the reason why I am writing again is I can't even imagine my life now with out her and to look back on the day that I was about to have my abortion it makes me sick because the only reason why I was gonna do it was for everyone else except me... So I came back here to just tell everyone that reads this and may have the same fears I had back then but still wants to keep their baby... I want to tell them go with what their heart tells them... because if you want that baby it is gonna be the best thing that will ever happen to you!!!!! I can't even express to you how much it touches my heart everyday to wake up and see her little face look up at me and just smile. I thank god everyday for letting me have this beautiful child and for letting her be healthy and happy... and also for helping me make the right choice.

The father of my baby isn't in the picture, but that is by his own choice but I knew he wouldn't be from the first time I had told him I was pregnant. I am still happy... I still have so many fears but with each and every day that goes by it gets easier and those fears turn out to be nothing...

I will say I love being a mom and wouldn't trade it for anything...I am supporting her on my own. But it makes me feel good to know that I can do it and I don't need her father.

Again I will say abortion wasn't for me and I don't believe in it, but that is my opinion and I am writing this for the women that may be in the situation I once was in. And I hope this letter helps you find the right choice for you!

Take care!!!!
Single mom of a beautiful baby girl from Michigan


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