Chris' Story

Looking back, everything still seems like a blur to me. It was my 17th birthday and all I wanted to do was have a blast. I was working hard at school helping my Mom out with the family while she had to go out of town to take care of my ill grandmother. I needed a little relief.

My best friend and I planned a birthday party at her place. I was the first one there and slowly people began to arrive. There was alcohol at the party and mostly everyone was drinking. I had 2 drinks, and it wasn't enough to have me completely gone but only 30 minutes later I was puking uncontrollably for and hour and a half. I passed out and woke up the next morning next to a guy I had never seen before. I was completely outraged and was furious yet, I was still extremely ill and couldn't keep my head out of the toilet.

My other friend drove me home that morning and I passed out and didn't wake up until late that night. That's when I started putting 2 and 2 together. I told my parents what happened and they rushed me to the hospital and then to the SATC (Sexually assaulted treatment center). They checked me out and found nothing and thought I was drugged. I left there with the thought that nothing happened and with a few precautionary prescriptions like the morning after pill.

Well, three months go bye and I hadn't had my period but that wasn't unusual for me. I started gaining weight and my Mom gave me a pregnancy test, I wasn't sleeping with anyone at the time so I thought she was crazy. She wasn't, I was pregnant! I turned into a basket case, all this time I thought everything was ok. A week later I had an abortion, I wasn't very sure at the time if that's what I wanted but everyone convinced me it was the right thing. It was so painful and I bleed horribly for a month afterwards and there was a good chance I wouldn't be able to have kids. They tested me for every known disease and stuck me on so much medication for "just in case." I had to take AIDS tests every few months to make sure I wasn't infected. Every day was a living hell.

I am 19 now and to this day I cry when I see those signs from the Pro-life activists. They just don't know how hard a choice it was for me or anyone. Every women should have a right on what happens to her own body. That guy is in jail now and waiting a trial.

20 September 2001

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