Cassie's Story

I went through an early medical abortion yesterday. I spent most of the evening before reading about other people's experiences looking for a tiny bit of reassurance about the procedure but it made me feel even more worried and anxious than I had been before.

I got to the clinic for my second visit and burst into tears when the nurse told me what was going to happen. I told her how worried I was and she said that had she seen me on my first appointment she would have persuaded me to go for a surgical procedure instead. The staff at the clinic were all really nice and helpful but I felt petrified.

I left the clinic fearing the worst - but it never happened. I had a 40 minute drive which was absolutely fine. After about an hour, I started feeling slightly nauseous but I wasn't sick. After two hours mild cramps and bleeding started. I had mild cramps for about 3 hours after which I had pains similar to mild labour contractions which were quite painful but not unbearable, more uncomfortable than anything. These lasted for about half an hour and then it all stopped. I felt absolutely fine and slept reasonably well (well, as well as could be expected under the circumstances anyway).

The bleeding was slightly heavier than a normal period and I passed a few clots but nothing major. The pain was slightly worse than period pain but didn't last long. I was expecting the whole thing to be a lot worse than it was and the pessimistic side of me thinks, becasue it wasn't so bad it might not have worked properly, but everything that happened happened exactly as they said it would. I guess I'll find out soon enough if it worked properly and if it has, although it doesn't work the same for everyone, I would recommend the early medical abortion.

May 2007

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