Carole's Story

I am 41 yrs and recently had an abortion. This was not my first one but it is the only one I am having a terrible time dealing with. I was finally ready to have a baby. He was a man, same religion, a dentist, & we had many things in common.

Bottom line. He said we were going to get married and buy a house together. He told his family. I told mine. I was ready. We had a fight over something stupid and I was an emotional hormonal wreck but so what. He calls me the next day and says he doesn't want to marry me or to have the baby. I was determined to have it.

Time was getting closer and he was a b------. I decided it wouldn't be fair to the baby, child, etc... and I didn't want to share my baby with this person who bailed out on me. NOW I AM SORRY.

I don't want to feel this way but I sometimes want to die and not go on. I have nothing to live for. I hated my life before I hate it now more. I see a Dr. and a therapist. I feel worse as time goes on and more reckless. I am taking medication to help but.... If someone cares if you have some encouraging words of support please do!!!! (It was in November.)


June 1998

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The US accounts for less than 3% of abortions worldwide. There are 50 million abortions worldwide annually, 30 million are illegal, 20 million are legal.
- Alan Guttmacher Institute, May 1998.


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