Caitlin's Story

My name is Caitlin, 33. I live in Alberta Canada. Fortunately, we do have abortion on demand and there is not the same uproar as in the USA. We had  decided definitely on not having children, when I got pregnant unexpectedly, I really didn't have to think it through very long due to demands on my career.

I don't say everyone would make the same choice or should do so. My husband was very supportive and did not pressure me either way but respected my decision. I live in a major city and the clinic was very helpful. They are not judgmental and respect your decisions. If a woman is struggling with the decision, they will provide counselling.

They have a great website and I was a bit nervous when I called but they put me at ease. As I was only seven weeks along I had a pharmaceutical abortion. My husband went with me when I received an injection that stopped the pregnancy from developing. They gave me drugs to insert vaginally to have a planned miscarriage and empty the contents of  the uterus. The idea is to have the miscarriage in the comfort and privacy of your home after work hours. I inserted Friday evening and the cramps started awhile later. The clinic had said that some women find it quite unpleasant, for me it wasn't too bad. My husband stayed with me. 90 percent of the time the drugs work, if they don't then a surgical abortion is performed. You go back to the clinic and they check it out, in my case it worked. The clinic records are very confidential, I and he do not regret the procedure and got back on with our lives, thank you       


February 21, 2007

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