Brina's Story

My name is Brina. I am now 13 years old and I started to have sex at the age of 11 and became pregnant in November of 2005.  The father of my unborn child was 17 when we first met but then turned 18 during our relationship. 

I started living with him when we met.  Two weeks I stayed with him then I had to go to court then I got locked up then that's when I first started to think I was pregnant and you really can't tell if your pregnant until 2 weeks. So while in lock up for 2 weeks I ran and went back to my boyfriend/father of my child Vonta.  I told him I was pregnant. He was happy.  I didn't tell my mom and he didn't tell his.  Like a month later his mom found out and told him he had to get a job and get hisself together if I was gonna to have my baby and if he was gone to be a daddy. 

Then she came to talk to me about us staying with her until we got up there with money and leased an apartment.  At this time I really had no thoughts of getting an abortion. But in December of 05 one of my ex boyfriends came to Detroit and found out I was pregnant and he was willing to pay for my abortion. But I wasn't willing to get the abortion and the father of my child wasn't either period.  Because I guess he wanted to be a daddy and I wanted to be a mommy.

But my ex boyfriend had a baby during our relationship so he was mad because I didn't want what he wanted and when I was at least 2 months into my pregnancy he became abusive so we really wasn't the same as when we first met.  I was hurt at the way our relationship was going.  So I just started to stay back with my mommy.

On January 6, 2006 I got locked back up. February 14, 2006 I got sent to a placement with all girls. I met people in here that made me start to think about the boy I was pregnant by and how he was and I was asked more than once to get an abortion and I finally said I was gone to get an abortion.

March 24, 2006 my mother, daddy, auntie and my therapist went with me. I was 4 months pregnant going on 5 when I got my abortion. I was scared. When I went to the clinic to get the abortion it was lots of women who were there to get the procedure I was getting. 

I made this decision not for me but for my family because I wanted to keep it and try to be the best mommy as possible. I also feel every unborn child deserves to get a chance to live life to the fullest. Mine would have but when I get the chance to have children she/he will live it up and live good. 


February 9, 2007


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