Barbie Doll's Story

I'm 24 and have a 5-year-old daughter. her father and i were together since we were 18 but we broke up shortly after she was born... he's a great dad. his family and him are very much a big part of her life... i get a lot of help from them and my family as well. i'm very lucky a lot of mothers do not have daddys in there children's life...

but unexpectedly my daughter's father and i got together one night and i end up pregnant... by him... i'm upset and scared... i tell him and he was not very happy. i thought he would be understanding... i have a sister from my mother and father... i don't want to leave my daughter alone in this world. they would each have the same father... and my daughter asked santa for a brother or sister for christmas... i told her it was an act of god... i'm very religous... and i think it is an act of god's will...

i'm scared and confused and hurt. his mother told me and i quote "my son does not want any more kids i think it would be best for everybody if you have and abortion." he doesn't have a girlfriend he has many flavors of the month... not that it matters... i really don't care. i just want his support and to be understanding...

i'm sitting here 5 weeks pregnant... and confused... my appointment is tomorrow and then tuesday i get it done... i don't want to walk out of there regretting this... and i probably will because... "what could of been" every september i'll remember my lil blessed angel... will god forgive me.... "baby murder" is that what he'll call me? will i be damned???

"Barbie Doll"
7 January 2001

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