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I'm not an abortion victim. Although I have had one, I've also had my gallbladder removed and am not a victim of that either. No, actually I was a victim of distress during pregnancy as I was a victim of distress during gallbladder attacks. These two surgical procedures allowed me something. They both allowed me to release my distress. Why? That is my question. Why do some women feel abortion distress? Is it some natural law of the universe that women are emotionally tied to a mass of dividing cells inside their womb? If that's so, then why hasn't the universe contacted me (and possibly many other women) yet to let me know I should have been emotionally attached?

It will soon be ten years since my husband and I decided to terminate our first pregnancy. Reasons do not matter. We continue to stand 100% by our choice without one single regret. Yes, no regrets even after choosing to have a child, now who is 2 years old.

Yes, that story is short and simple, but not my purpose for writing. I found your site today due to these circumstances; I frequent a philosophy message board and do my best to learn about opposing points of view. Well this week (amongst others) the topic has been abortion. I want to add here that the majority of participants on this message board are men. Therefore, not many shared personal experiences of abortion. Generally those who bring up the issue are strong advocates for Pro-Life.

One of the arguments I see them use over and over again is post-abortion distress. As if post-abortion distress in of itself is an argument that natural law is telling a woman she's done something "wrong." This is exactly my question. Is post-abortion distress learned? Is it an innate part of nature, or do we cater to fears of not being accepted socially? I'm curious if anyone has any information regarding these questions.

I hope there are many more of you out there who share my experience. No, not because of safety in numbers, but because my experience ended up being a positive one.

11 October 1999

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