Ashley's Story

I just had an abortion a few days ago. Even though it is hard at times I know it was for the best. Me and my boyfriend have had problems since it happened, but we are determined to make it through. I was so scared to tell my parents I was pregnant. I am only 17 and have a lot going for me. I was accepted to a good college and had all these plans. A baby would have not been able to fit in to my plans. I never thought of myself as having a baby. I was told I could never get pregnant. WELL when I did I got very depressed. I finally realized there is worse things out there than being pregnant. I don't have any diseases that can kill me. I could have been kicked out of my house but my parents told me that no matter what decision I made they would be there to help me and support me.

4 December 2001

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"We must hear the voices and have the dreams of those who came before us, and we must keep them with us in a very real sense. This will keep us centered. This will help us to maintain our understanding of the job we must do."
- Sonia Sanchez, essayist and poet