Arlene's Story

My name is Amanda and I am 25. I met and fell in love with the most wonderful man I had ever met. We decided to have a family together. The day I called to tell him the news I was pregnant was probably the happiest day of my life. Then the trouble started.

Things were fine for the first week or two and then he just packed up and left. No note, no explanation, no nothing. Talk about emotional tramua. Here I was carrying a child that was planned and I was all alone. I could not raise the child alone, I was not financially stable enough, and already had one child from a previous marriage. The decision to get pregnant with this man was made after long talks and discussions, but in the end, thats all they were; words.

I decided to get an abortion because I could not raise this child on my own and having the father some day pop in and ruin what happiness I could have built, or for him to become a yo-yo dad, here today, gone tommorow. The decision was hard and difficult to come too, but I do not regret my decision nor will I ever. It was a hard lesson I learned and its sad that a child had to pay the price of that lesson. I am still an emotional wreck due to the whole situation, but am recovering and trying to move on. My first step is getting my tubes tied.

May 2007

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