Annaline's Story

My abortion was when I was 27. I had just found out I was pregnant on my 27th birthday. I was single and helping support my mother. My boyfriend and I had broke up - he was an alcoholic and I knew that his grandparents would try to take the baby from me. This was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. Most days I regret my decision, but I feel it is because I'm almost 38 now, trying to have a baby with my husband, and things aren't going well. Even though I have mixed feelings, I still believe in freedom of choice. I'm also adopted, so having a baby is very important to me.

15 May 2002

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"Are US women bound by our similarities or divided by our differences? The only viable response is both. To address our commonalties without dealing with our differences is to misunderstand and distort that which separates as well as that which binds us as women." -Johnnetta B. Cole