Allison's Story

I'm a 22-year old college student who had an abortion in late December of 1998. Ending my pregnancy is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I firmly believe that one should have her (or his) own life together financially, emotionally, and mentally before bringing another person into the world.

The choice to abort was a choice I made on my own. Contrary to anti-choice belief, my boyfriend and family members did not pressure me into having an abortion. I thank God that I have a wonderful, supportive family and lover, but I am quite capable of deciding when and/or if I have children... women are not wilting flowers who simply concede to their lovers' or parents' desires.

To say that women should not have a choice concerning abortion is to say women are incapable of making complex life decisions. As comedian George Carlin said, "These people (anti-choicers) aren't pro-life; they're anti-women."

I'm graduating from a prestigious East Coast university this May and attending law school in the fall. I hope to become a reproductive rights attorney and help keep abortion safe and legal. Only after having an abortion do I realize how very important and essential 'choice' is.

In sisterhood,

4 April 1999

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