To My Best Friend

The one I call my best friend
The one I came to in times of need
The one I loved more than she’ll ever know
The one who told me everything would be alright
The one who held my hand when my heart broke
The one who told me that I was her universe
The one who said we would best friends till we were wrinkly and old
The one who said she’d never hurt me
The one who became my life’s diary
The one I told my million secrets
The one who could almost always read my mind
The one who I trusted more than life itself
The one who I would have died for
The one who held my hand when I was depressed
The one who helped me through the worst times in my life
The one who stuck by me no matter what
The one who did hurt me
The one I was forced to say goodbye to
The one I could never forgive because I didn’t have the heart too

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