These Last Few Hours

It is important to me that i spend a part of the next few hours
here alone with you in the darkness.

You and i will never be this close again.
By morning you will be a tiny person all your own.
No longer the kicking,demanding bulge in my body
that i have grown to love so well.

I pray God will safely guide you on your Journey
and, i ask him for strength to help you all i can.

Again, you signal your impatience to be free.

Time to wake your Daddy!

written by Dee Dee McCall

My name is Angie Burrell. I am the Mother of four, a daughter, and three sons. This is one of my Favorite Poems, It makes you realize just how much more of a role that a woman plays as far as bringing a child into this world goes.

I am always stressed or depressed. My children's ages are 7,4,2,1 .... I could really use some female friends to email chat with who are maybe in stressful situations too!



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