My Secret Life

My gaunt self stares back from the mirror,
challenging it's creator to look away first.

I tremble faced with the sight,
bare bones
goose bumps their only covering.

I faint again not surprising in my state,
for something other than the apparent.

I stumble onto the scale, my nemesis,
to see it unchanged since earlier.

I cover my self again quickly,
in the face of my failure.

i wrote this in 97' for a school assignment on my daily routine ....... obviously i didn't hand it in ..... but it helped to get it out ...... thought i might share ..... good luck to anyone who understands.........

Thu, 6 Aug 1998


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But to be a female human being trying to fulfill traditional female functions in a traditional way is in direct conflict with the subversive function of the imagination.
- Adrienne Rich

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