I cannot love you now

I cannot love you now

One night I discovered you, an unexpected surprise
The tears swelled up, and flowed from my saddened eyes.

I cried myself to sleep, for I knew what I had to do.
I thought about my life, and then I thought of you.

Unborn, so very small innocent and unaware,
I know that my decision must seem haste and unfair,

But there is no way I could keep you here inside of me,
If only you could understand my reasons, if only you could see,

I can not keep you now, now is not the time.
But one day, I will be able to call you mine.

Some say that I am wrong, I am denying you a voice.
But I will not beg forgiveness, for this is my choice.

I shall not overwhelm myself with the burden of regret.
Even though they say that it's murder, when we never even met.

Still, I can not help but think what might of become of you,
but in life there are mistakes and some you can undo.

- jade healy

I am a 18-year-old student from Montreal, I went through an abortion, a few months ago, and I find it very relieving to find all this support, It was a very hard experience for me and I am overwhelmed by the number of personal stories. Keep up the great work.

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"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry."
- Emily Dickinson

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