The details of our different lives
Too varied for their eyes to see
One thing we share so common in
One thing unique, most certainly
Woman, come and take a walk with me

In youth our stage a constant contest
Needing to find recognition
Striving to discern the truth
Beyond the world's fixed valuation
Woman, butterfly in transformation

Integrating hormone rushes
Flushed and frightened of our nature
Quick to judge ourselves, each other
Expressive gestures of displeasure
Woman, let's embark and find a cure

A prism's made of many colors
Yet so easy to lose sight
When drops are weeping on the window
All we see is fractured light
Woman, you're a rainbow the night

In the cloak of pain's denial
Loneliness encrusts a heart
The dawn of truth a massive weight
Recognition needn't break apart
Woman, my reflection, a new start.

Vicki D'Annunzio, 27 Aug 1998


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"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves."
- Mary Wollstonecraft

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