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triangleIf you live in Washington State, you can apply for Free Birth Control under the state-sponsored program called Take Charge. Teens do not need parent's permission. Apply at Cedar River Clinics in Renton or Tacoma.

Learn about the Menstrual Cycle - to make using birth control more effective, it helps to understand your monthly menstrual cycle. Learn ancient folklore and women's wisdom. Fertility Awareness Network teaches fertility awareness. Scarleteen offers sex education for teens in the real world.

trianglePrevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI and HIV) by using male or female condoms.

triangleAnn Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links

triangleCompare methods using this fun website from Carolina Teen Health

triangleIf you get pregnant, you have three options: parenting, adoption and abortion. See the Pregnancy Options to help you evaluate your options. Or, see Am I Pregnant? And, watch out for fake clinics.

One in three American women will have an abortion in their lifetime. We are your mothers, daughters, friends, teachers, students, co-workers and colleagues. The circumstances guiding important life decisions such as whether or not to have a baby or ann abortion are rarely black and white. There are hundreds - even thousands of nuances to consider including family, culture, community, spirituality and most important - your own heart. Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School says abortion is a blessing. Regarding these decisions, we say: TRUST WOMEN.

triangleCedar River Clinics overcome obstacles to abortion care so that women in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area) may determine their destinies.

triangleFeminist Abortion Network members provide abortion care in CA, CO, GA, IA, ME, MN, MT, NH, OH, TN, WV, WA. FAN members are locally-based clinics with national impact on women's health and lives.

triangleDetails and pictures of every birth control method, plus ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections, from King County (Seattle, WA) Family Planning.

triangle symbolGot your "Got Choice?" t-shirt?

triangleWhat to think about when selecting a method - from the National Women's Health Network newsletter.

triangleTeen Links - Info about your body and sex, stories from other young women.

triangleMaria Talks about sex, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy, STI and STD, HIV, sexual violence, drugs and alcohol, GLBTQ - for young people.

triangleMore teen links

triangleWhat about abstinence? In other words: not having sexual intercourse.

triangleMenstuff addresses Contraception

triangleYour questions and answers about birth control and abortion.

triangleHealthy Youth Alliance - WA State


triangleWomen's Health in Women's Hands - woman-controlled birth control by Carol Downer at www.womenshealthinwomenshands.org

triangle symbolDo you wonder what health care reform will do for you? Raising Women's Voices can tell you.

IF you live in Washington State, you can apply for Take Charge to get sterilization for free. You can apply at Cedar River Clincs in Tacoma or Renton. Teens do not need parent's permission. Call 800-770-4334 for more info.

Cedar River Clinics in Renton and Tacoma, WA make birth control and abortion accessible so that women may decide their futures.

www.CedarRiverClinics.org or 800-572-4223




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Get your chosen birth control method at Cedar River Clinics in Washington State, 800-572-4223. Questions? Email us.

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